Frenzied Diners
11,000 Oysters

This year’s Oyster Frenzy event reached dizzying new heights of mollusc debauchery, with one single diner devouring 107 oysters.

Published - 25.06.13

By The Publican

Over 300 oyster addicts gorged themselves on top quality molluscs at last Thursday’s Oyster Frenzy at the Albert Park Hotel.

Diners set a new record in frenzied oyster consumption, devouring a prodigious 11,720 shellfish in a single evening. One bivalve fanatic consumed an impressive 107 oysters on his own.

Along with Steve Feletti’s legendary Clair de Lune oysters from Moonlight Flat – which proved the favourite on the night – attendees enjoyed oysters from South Australia’s Coffin Bay and Smoky Bay, plus big and salty flavours from Moulting Bay in Tasmania and Bruny Island’s briny delights. The clean, sweet tones of New South Wales’ Clyde River and Victoria’s own Sea Bounty Angasi varieties were also popular.

While oysters were served au naturel in all their slippery glory, diners also tried their oysters smoked, crumbed and with spiced mustard butter.

With everyone nursing their oyster overdoses, addicts will have to wait a little while until their next frenzy. But they can get a fix at the Albert Park Oyster Bar all year round.

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