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Baja Style
Fish Tacos

A fresh steamy tortilla, delicate fish, light and crisp coating, two sauces, and a zingy crispy slaw; a lot of behind the scenes love goes into making ASC’s infamous (and Instagram-famous) Baja Style Fish Tacos. Fishing to try your hand at them? Sous Chef Cameron Dening shares the recipe.

Published - 10.12.13

By The Publican

Here at ASC, we use tortillas from El Cielo Foods – these, along with several other key ingredients for the Baja Style Fish Tacos, are available to purchase in our Mexi Mart in packs of 10. Warm on a flat grill or pan for 30-45 seconds on each side until soft, then kept warm in a sealed container lined with a clean cloth.

As far as fish is concerned, we use a delicate and gelatinous fish, such as Monkfish or Flathead. Cut into generous fingers, remembering once they have their fluffy crispy batter, they are going to almost double in size. Dust Lightly in flour before dipping into your batter to help it stick.

500ml Pale Mexican beer (Corona/Pacifico etc)
175g Flour
Pinch Salt
Pinch Sugar
15g Fresh Yeast (7g dried)
Pinch of Saffron Powder

Crumble fresh yeast in to a bowl
Add ale and vinegar to the yeast and dissolve
In a large mixing bowl add flour, salt, sugar and saffron powder
Pour liquids on to the dry ingredients. Mix well until combined
Strain the batter and leave in a warm place to activate

We use two wonderfully versatile Mexican style sauces on this taco: Adobe (Dried Chilli Sauce – super secret recipe, until now, you can thank us later), and a creamy, zingy and spicy Chipotle Aioli.

Chipotle Aioli
3 Egg Yolks
10g Dijon Mustard
15ml White Wine Vinegar
5ml Lemon Juice
500ml Vegetable Oil
1 clove garlic
100g Tin Chipotle in Adobe (available in our Mexi Mart)
Warm water to adjust

Using the stick blender or food processor, add egg yolk, vinegar, lemon juice and mustard and chipotle. Blend to combine
Gradually add the oil until emulsified. Season and adjust consistency if required

Our super secret recipe for Adobe contains:
Chipotle Chilli in Adobe
Dried Guajillo Chilli’s (available in our Mexi Mart)
Smoked Paprika
Latin Spices

There is quite a bit of vegetable BBQing initially required, to give that distinct smoky flavour. This is then combined with the smoked paprika, and the smoky chipotle’s. All these get slowly cooked down and blended with a dash of vinegar and sugar, to give that zingy finish.

Finish the taco with a freshly sliced slaw, combining red and white cabbage, carrot, red onion, fennel and jalapeno. An Asian style Mandolin (V-Slicer) is a dream for this. Dress with some fresh lime juice, olive oil and salt.

Most of the components for this can be made in advance and keep really well for a week in the fridge. The most important thing is to bring it all together quickly at the end: the fish has to be served straight from the fryer so as not to lose that crunch; the slaw needs to be dressed just before serving (no one likes a soggy slaw); and most importantly, those tortillas need to be steamy and soft.

Good Luck!

All sounding a bit too hard? Baja Style Fish Tacos are only $5 from the ASC Lunch Club menu (or $7 from the dinner menu) – our chefs have got them down to a fine art and you won’t have to clean up afterwards. Genius.

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